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Rally at the Legislature for the Crisis in Family Practice in BC.

May 19, 2022 join concerned citizens, physicians, and Health Care workers at a rally at the Legislature from 11 AM to 1 PM.



If you are concerned about the crisis in longitudinal community based family practice we encourage you to write to your MLA and express your thoughts.

Your family physician can bill MSP $31.62 for your 10-15 minute visit (if you are age 2-49).  That fee is supposed to cover the time to see and diagnose you, document the visit, and manage any testing and referrals that may be necessary.  Out of that fee we must pay overhead and taxes.  We also must save for our retirement.  Thus, our take home pay is roughly $7.50 for each visit. Unlike your mechanic, we don't get paid for each problem you present with.  Your family doctor is under a lot of pressure to keep the flow going in his office in order to pay bills and make a living.  Our income shrinks with inflation and we have no way of adjusting our fees.  If you are fearful about the future of Family Medicine, as we are, we encourage you to write to your MLA and express your concerns.  Escalating financial and time pressures are putting our future at risk.


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