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Medical Services Offered at Wheelhouse:

Taking Care of You

Nurse Checking Girl

Registered Nurse

Our RN is here to assist patients with their medical needs.  Some of her skills include:

1.  Assist with medication management 

2.  Assist with chronic disease management 

3.  Refer to social work - (if the patient needs help accessing funding for medication etc.) 

4.  Assist with filling out forms 

5.  Smoking cessation

6.  MoCA memory testing

7.  BP checks and vital signs 

8.  Suture/staple removal 

9.  Dressing changes/wound care 

10.  Catheter removal/insertion

11.  Pap smears

12.  Education regarding Diabetes, COPD, and other topics.

13.  Irrigation of ear wax

14.  Immunizations

15.  B12 shots

16.  Plantar wart treatment


Social Work

Our Social Worker is here to help patients who have a family physician in our clinic.  If you have the need for assistance from Vanessa, please request a referral from your Wheelhouse Family Physician.

Drug and Syringe

Botox treatments for migraine

Dr. Mailey is trained in the administration of Botox for migraines.  Please ask your primary care provider for a referral.

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 1.46.31 PM.png

Special Medical Services

Dr. Kilpatrick is able to implant Nexplanon Contraceptives and is also a MAiD provider.

Holter monitoring device and red decorat

Holter Monitor

We have teamed up with Western Cardiology to provide Holter Monitor Services through our clinic.  This helps keep your care closer to home.

Complications of Sleep Apnea .jpg

Sleep apnea testing

Respiratory Homecare Solutions uses space in our clinic to provide Sleep Apnea testing and follow up.  You will require a referral from your primary care provider to see them for an assessment.

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