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Bronwyn Ambrock


Bronwyn brings years of nursing experience to our team.  She has experience in the operating room with a specialty in cardiac and vascular surgeries, and has shifted her focus into primary care.

With a passion for health promotion, she has a desire to provide education to clients so they can participate in their own health management and make informed choices regarding their healthcare.  She provides trauma-informed, culturally safe, and gender-diverse care.  Her goal is to provide compassionate, supportive and non-judgemental care for every client.

In her free time she explores the outdoors with her family. She enjoys running, hiking, cycling, yoga and kiteboarding!

Bronwyn Ambrock

Vanessa Butler


Vanessa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Victoria, and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Dalhousie University; she is a skilled counselor, educator and has extensive knowledge of complex health conditions. Vanessa began her healthcare journey twenty years ago as a Community Support Worker before deciding to further her education. Through kindness, compassion, and empathy Vanessa uses a trauma centric lens that is patient centered, culturally sensitive and inclusive.  With an eclectic style of practice that draws from several treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural philosophies Vanessa has a diverse skillset that complements all areas of the life continuum, however, she has substantial knowledge that pertains specifically to the aging process, dementia, palliative care, grief,/loss and psychogeriatrics. If you are needing emotional support for any reason please ask your Wheelhouse family physician for a referral to speak with Vanessa, the clinic Social Worker
In her spare time Vanessa is a Mom of three, loves cooking, and exploring the beauty of Vancouver Island.

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Savannah Moody


My name is Savannah I have been a Registered Nurse for seven years. Most of my career has been in the Operating Room with a focus on cardiac and vascular surgery. I have also worked on post surgical acute care units. I spent some time with the COVID Response Team administering COVID tests and providing vaccinations to fellow health care professionals. 

I have a passion for health promotion, women’s health, and providing education to clients on how to stay healthy. I provide trauma informed, culturally safe and gender diverse care. I do my best to provide kind compassionate non-judgemental care for all people throughout the lifespan. In my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family. Our goofy golden retriever helps us find all the best swimming holes! 

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