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  1. Download and use the BC COVID 19 Application for your smart phone.    You can use this to assess whether you need a COVID test or not.

  2. Call the COVD-19 Call Centre at 1-844-901-8442 for a testing appointment and consultation.

  3. Follow BC CDC Guidelines for Isolation and Testing Recommendations.

  4. Use the BC CDC Self Assessment tool found at: or click the link button at the bottom of this page.

Can I get a same-day appointment? Do you offer walk-in clinic services?

OUR WALK-IN CLINIC  CLOSED PERMANENTLY AUGUST 1, 2021.  After this date only patients with a Family Physician in the clinic can get appointments with us.  During the COVID-19 pandemic we are not allowing people to walk into the clinic.  You must call 250-391-7554 in order to get a telephone appointment with your Family Practitioner.  They may decide to invite you for an in office visit if necessary.

What is your new patient procedure?

At the current time we are not accepting new patients.

Are there any uninsured services offered at your clinic?

Yes.  Not all services that you may require are covered by the Medical Services Plan.  There are private fees that apply to uninsured services.  We follow the recommended Fee Guide of BC Family Doctors.  This fee guide is updated annually and can be found on the insurance page of our website.


  1. If your emergency is of an immediate life threatening nature call 911 and go directly to the nearest Emergency Room.

  2. Go to the Urgent Care Clinic at 582 Goldstream Avenue.  Their website is:

  3. Download and use the Medimap App to locate the nearest walk in clinic accepting patients.

  4. Call HealthLink BC at 811 to speak to an RN.

  5. If you are already a registered patient of the clinic you may call 250-391-7554 after hours to speak to the on call physician.  This service is not covered by MSP and will be subject to a private fee.  THIS IS AN EMERGENCY SERVICE ONLY AND NOT FOR APPOINTMENTS OR PRESCRIPTION RENEWALS.

Medimap Website

Nearby Walk-In Clinics can be found by using the Medimap Website

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